Our Services

Wealth Management

Regardless of where you're at in your investment timeline, we have an option to suit your needs. We manage the majority of our assets through our proprietary models that we created. We feel this makes a much more transparent client experience since we can answer any questions about our investment process. Our approach is very different from that of many other advisors who outsource the investment responsibility to an outside money manager or fund company. In such circumstances, the advisor is working as a relationship manager and typically doesn't fully understand the investment methodology that they are utilizing. Besides, we are very hands-on in our investment approach since our goal is to exceed client expectations.

Retirement Planning

Once you’re retired, it is imperative to stay on top of your overall financial landscape to ensure that you’ll continue to live within your comfort zone. We work with retirees to assure that your risk tolerance and total spending doesn’t get off track. We develop a financial plan that addresses all of your investment accounts, goals, and spending habits, which helps to finalize an overall plan for moving comfortably through your retirement years.

Asset Preservation

For many individuals, it's about asset preservation; to address this segment of the market, we created a Managed Income Model based on striving to minimize volatility, focusing on preservation while still allowing room for growth in specific sectors of the market.


We offer life insurance when we see a need for it based on specific circumstances. These may include policies that are only for a short time or something that covers one until their passing. In other situations, it may consist of key-man insurance for business owners or group policies. While we do not feel insurance is necessary for all individuals, it does fit a specific need for some and can be another piece of the overall financial picture.

Small Business & Corporate Retirement Plans

We also manage Small Business & Corporate Retirement Plans. We help out with plan design, participant meetings, and education, offering our ability to function as a 3(21), which allows us to place our professionally managed models onto 401k platforms. Participants may elect to utilize these models for no additional cost.