Are you a fiduciary?

Yes, we are professionally obligated to put our clients' best interests as the primary objective in our decision-making process for building their portfolios.

Will I have online access to my account?

Yes, if you would like to have online access, we can set you up for that. Below is the link to that homepage:

What do I need to bring to the first meeting?

Before our first meeting, we will send you a Welcome email. Included in this email will be the following items: 1. Topics we will discuss.
2. Onboarding process should you decide to become a client.
3. Items to bring to the first meeting. Since this is our first meeting, we understand if you don't want to bring any information. However, the more information we have - the more productive we can be to answer your questions and see if we're a fit to work together.

Is there an asset minimum?

We do not have an asset minimum. However, there are two tiers of investment service that we can offer based on one's investable assets. More than anything, it has to do with our ability to manage accounts efficiently and effectively. Regardless of asset size, we treat every client with the same level of respect and promptness. Below is an example of those tiers: $0 - $29,999 = Placed into our Actively Managed ETF Model (Exchange Traded Funds)
$30,000 + = Placed in our proprietary models built with individual stocks and ETFs.

How often will we meet?

The typical onboarding process usually involves multiple meetings to get to know each other and complete all of the necessary paperwork and transfers. From there, clients typically meet with us once a year in person in addition to a couple of phone calls, emails, or virtual meetings. Everyone has different expectations, so we are very flexible on this. In addition to hearing from us directly, you can sign up for our video updates, articles & newsletters on our homepage in addition to following us on social media located within the website banner at the top of the page.

Do you meet with clients virtually?

Yes, we do meet with clients virtually if that is requested. We have many in and out of state clients that this works great for. We also host a monthly webinar for clients where we discuss everything that we are currently focusing on within the Market.

What do you charge?

We charge an inclusive fee that is a percentage of assets under management. We are more than happy to send you our fee and services sheet.

What is a CMT?

A Chartered Market Technician (CMT) is a professional technical analyst that holds the CMT designation organized by the CMT Association, a global credentialing body with nearly 50 years of service to the financial industry. The CMT marks the highest level of training within the discipline and is the pre-eminent designation for practitioners worldwide. Earning the CMT demonstrates mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management, including quantitative approaches to market research and rules-based investment design and testing. To earn and maintain the CMT designation, one must pass three rigorous exams over a multi-year period and must maintain a certain level of ethics within their field.