How We Are Different

Process and data over emotions and opinions.

We follow a rules-based system that we developed over years of study and practice. We have specific data that we analyze each week to help us navigate the financial markets. This strategy allows us to remove our emotions when it comes to managing our clients' assets. There are specific triggers for when we are going to increase risk and triggers for when we are going to reduce risk.

We are not merely trying to match an index.

Many advisors out there place their clients' funds into models that are merely trying to match a respective index. We don't adhere to this way of thinking because clients could simply go out and buy index funds while saving the cost of paying their advisor. We are always trying to provide absolute value in all market conditions and believe this is a significant problem area in our industry.

We do not outsource our investments.

We have six risk-based models that we manage in-house, which creates a much more transparent environment. We can answer any question about our strategy since we built our models and are continually managing them. Far too often, advisors simply work as relationship managers and are not well-versed enough in the investment strategies that they are utilizing for their clients.

Monthly Market Update webinars.

We host a monthly webinar for our clients, which allows us to walk through the current market environment and how we are navigating it. In turn, this enables us to reach a broad scope of people very efficiently while answering questions from our clients throughout the year.

Our 24 hour rule.

We have a rule in our office to do our absolute best to respond to any client inquiry within 24 hours. We may not always have the answer right away, but we feel it is essential that our clients know that we are addressing their needs promptly.