Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Universe

As the world evolves, so too must the companies that are leading the way. Customer expectations are moving faster than ever, and companies must adapt to those expectations. Our investment universe comprises the companies leading those changes; it is created by ranking companies based on brand loyalty, consumer spending, and client experiences. From here, we utilize our screening method to select the companies showing the most substantial growth. We want to invest in companies that are global leaders within their sector. To screen for those companies, we utilize a quantitative process-driven approach. To help manage volatility, we continuously rank each stock and sector. Simply put, we're looking to invest in companies showing positive momentum and avoiding those that are not.

How We Manage Risk

Several factors move the market. We have broken it down to the four main elements that we feel are the most important. We continuously analyze each of those through multiple data points to provide our client models' risk level. That data guides us to assess where we are in the current market cycle to help mitigate risk.

Our Investment Models

We have six proprietary models that we manage; they differ based on their risk level: 1. Aggressive Growth 2. Moderate Growth 3. Balanced Growth 4. Balanced Income 5. Conservative Income 6. Managed Income